19 November 2017

Thanks Chuck vs Goodbye

Logo ChuckI hope the end of the season 5 shooting was great!
It probably seems like the end of a long, beautiful and intense journey!

I would like to say Thank you to all the cast and crew of Chuck for such an amazing work these last 4 and an half years!
Thanks to make a difference into my life! You make me laugh and make me feel good.

Because of You I can just be myself!
Because of You I want to overtake myself!
Because of You I discoverd amazing actors like you!
Because of You I meet some amazing Nerds & Chucksters all over the world!

Thanks to Zachary Levi for playing so well « Chuck Bartowski »!
Humility, honesty, intensity, loveliness and Nerd ;-) are just the main qualities that melt my heart!

Thanks to Joshua E Gomez aka Morgan Grimes! You are definitely the funniest guy of the show. You scared me with the Intersect but I loved your loyalty to your best friend Chuck! Really AWESOME! Everybody would like a friend like you!

Thanks to Adams Baldwin aka Colonel Casey for his imperturbable loyalty and his « grunts » : a mix of you playing hard and your true sense of generosity and love! Yes I said « LOVE » ;-)

Thanks to Sarah Lancaster aka Ellie Bartowski and Ryan McPartlin aka Captain Awesome for their loyal support, their understanding and their natural generosity to Chuck and all what is important for him. Thanks to teach us the importance to help people through your job and finally how to be concilliant and tolerant into a couple’s life!

Thanks to Scott Krinsky & Vik Sahay aka Jeff and Lester for their funny dementia! You were very impredictable and it was incredible to see how far you would go! Congrats to embody so well these incredible characters!

Thanks also to Mark Christopher Lawrence aka Big Mike; Linda Hamilton aka Mary Elisabeth Bartowski; Scott Bakula aka Stephen Bartowski, Bonita Fiedericy aka General Beckman and Makenna Melvi aka Alex for your support to Chuck, Sarah and Casey all along the show!

Thanks to all of the other actors for their contribution that made the show unforgettable!

Thanks to Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak for their AWESOME idea, for their ingeniosity and originality into the script. For the many references to other well known stories!  And for a ton of jokes that will make me laugh forever!  Robert D. McNeill for his talent as a director!

Yvonne Strahovski tra-la-laLast but not least a SPECIAL THANKS TO

Yvonne Strahovski

I have discoverd you as Sarah Walker and you made such an amazing influence to me! Your authenticity, generosity, honesty, intensity, courage, energy, beautifulness, kindness, your huge attention to take care of the others, your willingness to overtake yourself is so amazing and inspire me every day in my own live!

To know you through interviews shows me that you are as amazing as you are in the TV show : Careful and discrete towards your family, involved into just causes : for children, pets.. Inspired by your green life style. Extremly generous during interviews! Like an « old sister », you make me feel better about myself!Chuck vs Goodbye letter

A thousand times Thank You for your amazing work as an actress and simply to be yourself. I hope you will stay throughout your carreer like this because you ROCK!!!

You were the SUN of Chuck, you enlightened all the scenes you plaid! I made this website about you and the Chuck’s team

Finally, thanks again to ALL the cast, the crew and the NBC
to have made all of this possible!

With Love

@SiaChuckFan (Twitter)
A belgian huge fan ;)
and I m sure, on behalf of
All #Chucksters in the World