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‘Dexter’ at Comic-Con: Five things to know about Season 7

« Dexter’s » panel at Comic-Con was as lively (sorry) as usual, and stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter shared some major scoop about Season 7 — with a little help from their new guest star Yvonne Strahovski (« Chuck »).

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« New » Big Bad: Another Trinity killer is on the loose! Not exactly. In Season 7, Dexter is stalking a killer who « ritually murders on New Year’s Eve. » Whatever happened to resolutions like joining the gym?

A Little Help From a Friend: Strahovski is guesting as Hannah McKay, « a woman of mystery with a dark past, » explained the beautiful Aussie actress explained. « She meets Dexter and helps him with an investigation in an old murder mystery » — presumably the NYE killer. « She’s not working with the police, » Strahovski clarified to Zap2it at a Showtime party following the panel. « This is why the role was so enticing to me. The last five years I’ve played a CIA agent on ‘Chuck — it’s the complete opposite. »

No Seconds Wasted: Season 7 picks up immediately from last year’s shocking finale: Deb discovering her brother murdering Travis (Colin Hanks). Dexter tries to justify it as an act of self-defense, but considering Travis is « wrapped in plastic on an altar, » he has some splaining to do to his incredulous sister.

Incest Is Best: Sorry, it doesn’t look like « Dexter » producers have any plans to course-correct the show’s new controversial storyline: Deb realizing she has romantic feelings for Dexter. « There was certainly a fascination that I thought Deb had with Dexter, so it didn’t feel like it was so bizarre to play that last season, » Carpenter reasoned, before adding, « I think him stabbing somebody trumps those thoughts. »

Daddy Dearest: Dexter’s son, Harrison, is still « in the picture » this season, Hall confirmed. (And « very cute, » Carpenter piped in.) Being a serial killer parent to a growing boy « becomes a dicier proposition every day, » said Hall. « As someone who is also Harrison’s guardian, Deb now has a sense of what she’s dealing with her brother that changes things as well. He has someone encouraging him to face what he is trying to pull off as a parent.

« Dexter’s powers of denial are pretty strong, but he would be hard pressed to really argue that being a serial killer is an ideal hobby for a parent, » Hall concluded drily.

« Dexter » returns Sunday, Sept. 30 on Showtime.

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